Spherotech was established in 1992 to manufacture and supply uniform microparticles for biomedical and diagnostic applications. Our headquarters are 25 miles north of Chicago in Lake Forest, IL.

As a global supplier of microparticle solutions, our experienced scientists manufacture high quality latex, fluorescent, paramagnetic, ferromagnetic and colored dyed microparticles. Our microsphere portfolio offers you:

  • Particle size dispersion specific to your requirements.
  • Functionalized surface chemistry
  • Coated microbeads with antibodies, proteins, or ligands
  • Cross-linked particles for greater organic solvent stability
  • Flow cytometry grade microbeads for alignment, calibration, compensation, counting and sorting

Microparticles manufactured by Spherotech are utilized for:

  • Fluorescence immunoassay
  • Enzyme immunoassay (EIA)
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Confocal fluorescence microscopy
  • Flow cytometry/ image cytometry
  • Magnetic cell separation
  • Magnetic particles EIA
  • Microfluidics
  • Other research and industrial applications.

Spherotech specializes in microparticle research and development. We constantly introduce new products and improve the existing portfolio. Our loyal customers value Spherotech’s agile manufacturing capabilities, custom OEM particle solutions, and value-add supply options. Our manufacturing facilities can accommodate multi-liter lot sizes of our entire microsphere offering.

While we publish an overview of our products, it is by no means comprehensive. If the particle you require is not listed, we urge you to contact our team to check our complete inventory.

World class quality and technical support are standard practice. As an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, we consistently meet or exceed customer expectations. Spherotech’s scientists look forward to meeting your application specific requirements in microparticle technology.

ISO Certificate & Quality Policy

Polymer Microparticles
 Color Dyed

Fluorescent Microparticles
 Up to 5 Micron
 5 Micron and Larger
 FITC Surface Labeled
 Multiple Fluorophore
 Coated Fluorescent
 Functionalized Fluorescent Microspheres

Coated Particles
 Antibodies & Proteins
 Other Functional Groups
Flow Cytometry
 Absolute Cell Counting
 Calibration and QC Kits
 Cell Sorter Fine Tuning
 Size Standard Particle Kits
 IR Fluorescent Channels
 Threshold Determination
Multiplex Bead Assays
   Blue Particle Array Kits (PAK)
   UV Carboxyl Particle Array Kits (UVPAK)
   Fluorescent Particle Array Kits

Imaging Products
 Fluorescent Particle Slides

 Coated Magnetic
 Coated Ferromagnetic
 Fluorescent Magnetic
 Magnetic Separators

Life Sciences Products
 Advangene Plasticware

Other Microspheres

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